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Meet the Crew

AMC (AW, SCW), Bill Mosely US Navy Ret. Chief -Bill has been around aviation his entire life. He flew in twin engine apaches and helicopters with his father, Master Chief Dennis Mosely, as a little boy. His Uncle, Commander Chuck Mosely and his grandfather, LCDR Marvin Mosely encouraged him and supported him as he grew up. He decided to follow that family tradition of naval aviation by joining the Navy in April of 1987. He became a Chief Aviation Structural Mechanic and a Maintenance Controller of the Worlds Most Famous Aircraft, The Mighty P-3C Orion. He’s fully qualified in structural, power plants, navaids and weapon systems. He also has experience on C-130 Hurcs and A-3 Wales. Bill has been working with his Uncle since 2005 and has since his retirement in 2008, he has crewed the teardown, relocation, and assembly of over 15 Military Aircraft Bill and his family live in Jacksonville, Florida.

CDR Chuck Mosely US Navy Ret. With All Coast Aircraft Recovery & Relocation- Upon retiring from the Navy after 35 years of service as an aviation maintenance officer, Commander Chuck Mosely started All Coast Aircraft Recovery & Relocation and formed an organization of select professionals who are extremely proficient in the field of aviation and are dedicated to the preservation of our aviation heritage. In the last nine years, they have moved numerous aircraft in support of various military museum systems. They have also moved numerous civilian aviation aircraft. Chuck, along with all the members of his team, is a FAA certified pilot and is Aircraft & Power plant certified. Half of the team members are also Inspector Authorization holders. Team members live in various parts of the country, and Chuck selects them for each job based on the aircraft they are moving and their proximity to the job site. Chuck lives in an aviation community in central Florida called Love's Landing. All Coast Donated the camera and software equipment, many cockpit instruments and the flight helmet for the project.

Seabee ,Denny Parmer US Navy Ret. -An instrument rated, private pilot that resides in Rohnert Park, California. He has supported many museums around the United States and Canada by finding and acquiring airplane parts to be used for repairs and displays. He has worked for All Coast Aircraft Recovery since 1999 and has aided in the transport of many aircraft. He enjoys traveling with the company and loves to meet new people at each museum he visits. Along with All Coast Aircraft Recovery retrieved the A4 Fuselage out of salvage and delivered to Jetline Aircraft in Jacksonville, Fl.

Jenny Mosely, Owner Jetline Aircraft – Facilitated & funded the project throughout the process and is responsible for the all communication and event planning.

Chase Leland, OPHS Student – Bill’s step son, has assisted in every step of the restoring process, from taking equipment off the A4, to sanding the body for paint to waxing the finished fuselage.

AMC (AW), Bob Highlands, US Navy Ret. Chief - Painted and prepped “The Patriot”. He has been stationed at various Commands in his 22 year career from helicopters to F-18’s with the Blue Angels. Since Retiring, he has worked in the Aircraft Industry to Automotive Racing with Drag Racing at Frank Hawley’s Drag School to Short Car Racing at Brumos Porshe Racing, both at Local & National Level.

ADC (AW), Brian Harding US Navy Ret. Chief - Spent 22 years in the US Navy working on C-130, P-3 and 707 Aircraft.  Upon retiring, he continues to work closely with the Navy as a contractor and is a certified A&P Mechanic.  Brian resides in Jacksonville, FL.   He fabricated many fuselage repairs for the A4, from the injection seat canopy cutters, to the P-Dot, to assisting with installing the canopy glass.

ATCS (AW, NAC), Jeff Gonzalez US Navy Ret. Chief - Spent 26 years in Naval Aviation. As an Air crewman, on board the P-3C Orion, he has longed over 4200 flight hours. He is fully qualified in Electrical, Instruments and Weapon Systems, as well as Maintenance Controller. He enjoys moving aircraft and the camaraderie of the team. Jeff and his family reside in Jacksonville, Florida where he owns and operates a Home Improvement Business. He assisted with the relocation of the A4 Fuselage to Jacksonville and rewired the lights and instruments.

ATCM (AW), Roy Brown US Navy Ret. Master Chief – Assisted with the wiring and equipment installation of cockpit. Also, instrumental in the design and planning of the aircraft hydraulic system setup.

PRC (AW,SW), Heather Trayer US Navy Active Duty- Fabricated the upholstery and the back of the ejection seat, known as the NES-12.

PR1(AW), Manny Rivademar US Navy Active Duty-Assisted in cockpit upholstery.

AMC (AW), Billy Bare US Navy Active Chief – Assisted with heavy repairs and prepped aircraft for paint.

AM1 (AW), Kevin James US Navy Active Duty – Assisted with external fuselage repairs and repairs of floor in cockpit.

Tropi-Cal Signs- Created the vinyl stickers to match the original insignia of the A4 Skyhawk and Carltz B designed and airbrushed the eagles that are hold are flags of freedom on each side of the fuselage.

Chris Cox, Dana Safety Supply-Installed the external LED lights on the fuselage and assisted in the wiring of cockpit.